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Visit Nepal Year campaign begins in US

Kathmandu, July 23 

Non-resident Nepalis living in US have formally initiated publicity campaign for 'Visit Nepal 2020' from Maryland.

According to Maryland-based Non-Resident Nepali Association, Nepalis living in foreign countries have been taking different initiatives in order to connect themselves with the motherland in some way as well as to use their emotional relation with Nepal for the welfare of the country.

Being associated under the NRNA, the NRNs in many countries of the world have been organising different campaigns and programmes in recent period. State delegates Harry Bhandari and Consul General, Prem Raja Mahat jointly unveiled a banner reading the slogan 'Let us Visit Nepal, Send Others to Visit Nepal' at a programe "Visit Nepal 2020' organised by President of NRNA, Maryland chapter, Dolnath Ghimire, on July 21.

Similarly, the first meeting of the chapter appointed Raju Parajuli, Vice-President of NRNA Maryland Chapter, as the coordinator of the campaign.

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Protection of achievements our shared responsibility-Ex-President Dr Yadav

  • ७ भदौ, २०७६

Kathmandu, Aug 24 Republic Nepal's first-ever President, Dr Ram Baran Yadav has suggested the government and political parties to work in tandem by fully embracing the letter and spirit of the constitution, democracy, republic, federalism and inclusive proportional principles. The former President said this while launching a book 'Constitution Making: Reflections and

Man drowns in pond

  • ७ भदौ, २०७६

Tulsipur, Aug 24 A man drowned in a pond meant for irrigation in Dang. Police confirmed the death of Deuchan Roka, 50, of Githepani in Ghorahi submetropolis-18 in the accident. He was found dead in the local pond at 7:15 am today. It is said he had left the home on Friday evening to see a dance programme scheduled in his locality. The body has been kept at the Rapti Health Sciences Academy for

Shortage of dengue test kit hampers intervention efforts

  • ७ भदौ, २०७६

Chitwan, Aug 24 :  The shortage of dengue test kits here has hindered the medical interventions against the diseases. According to the District Health Office, Chitwan, it has received 350 kits lately, and only 50 are in stock.   Hospitals in the district could not be provided a required quantity of kits. Office Kit Controller Ram KC said the kits' supply to the Baghauda